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FK 8

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FK 8 Plastic laminar ring carrier seals

as seals and spacers for grease lubricated roller bearings

Application "FK8" plastic laminar ring carrier seals

Outside clamping plastic ring carrier seals made from Polyamide 6 (PA6), also available with mineral fibre fortification, are used to seal roller bearings against grease leakage or dirt and splash water ingress in vehicle axles as well as rollers and wheels for all equipment types, engines in transport technology, motion sequences in construction equipment and agriculture machines.

Ring carrier seals in accordance with design 01 and 02 have spring-loaded, flexible sealing lips. This has advantages if splash water can frequently be expected in the sealing area.

Plastic ring carrier seals are also suitable as a protection seal in front of radial shaft seal arrangements.

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In general, the ring carriers can be moved by hand by lightly tapping with a mallet (1) onto the axle stub. The ring carrier should initially be moved onto the hub (2) if an installation slope is undesired or only a small slope is available.

Run and installation tests:

Run and installation tests under operating conditions must be performed in each case before standard production of our ring carrier seals can begin to determine whether the desired sealing effects can be achieved.