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FK 2

Product Description

FK 2 Laminar piston rings

for pistons of engines, compressors, pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, shock absorbers, etc.


Laminar sealing rings "FK2" can be used for previously used and new internal combustion engines in connection with cast iron piston rings. Cast iron piston rings are not required for pistons of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, compressors and shock absorbers. Please contact our technical office for information about ring dimensions, ring materials and groove geometries.

Fey 04 FK2 en


Installation information:

Please click here.

Order information:

The ring diameter information must match the housing or shaft diameter dimensions exactly for inquiries and/or orders for all ring types.

Run and installation tests:

Run and installation tests under operating conditions must be performed in each case before standard production of our laminar rings can begin to determine whether the desired sealing effects can be achieved.