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FK 5 - HFL

Product Description

FK 5-HFL Single and double laminar sealing rings

for the sealing of axial compensators in exhaust pipes of internal combustion engines, manifold sheet metal pipe connections, exhaust gas recirculation systems and turbochargers

"FK5-HFL" application single and double laminar sealing rings

Single and double wound laminar sealing rings with the identification "FK5-HFL" are made from high-temperature chrome-nickel steels and are designed for the sealing for axial and radial compensators at exhaust pipes of internal combustion engines, exhaust gas recirculation systems, exhaust valves, turbochargers, mobile and stationary power units. Especially for applications that deal with high operating temperatures and high axial and radial movements due to thermal expansions.

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Fey 16 FK5 HFL tabelle en

Fey 16 FK5 HFL en

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Installation information:

Please click here.

Order information:

The ring diameter information must match the housing or shaft diameter dimensions "D1" for all inquiries and/or orders.
The rings can be ordered individually or in sets.

Run and installation tests:

Run and installation tests under operating conditions must be performed in each case before standard production of our laminar rings can begin to determine whether the desired sealing effects can be achieved.